Acorn bots features

Acorn bots vehicles have a range of amazing new technologies, which will increase plant productivity and offer substantial environmental benefits

Our vehicles are made in module form from lightweight materials not commonly found on farms today, e.g. Kevlar, acrylic, carbon fibre and Graphene

Crop, soil, weed, pest and disease detection is by an advanced vision system that uses revolutionary new, globally unique Artificial Intelligence process

The vehicles are an 'Internet of Things' and we use software not seen before in mobile applications. It creates a workflow of actions for the bots to call upon

Working with a leading imaging company we are able to capture and process high resolution images thousands of times a second

We are working with major companies, e.g. SICK with their well proven LIDAR solutions to detect and avoid obstacles

Each vehicle is autonomous and can navigate a farm on its own, dealing with hot and cold (Infra Red) obstacles it meets

There is never a single solution so we have a range of bot vehicles that manage specific tasks on the farm

All the vehicles are electrically driven with advanced battery systems and support vehicles charge them by solar and wind power

Our bots report back to a mobile device website so they can be tracked and the operator can see what they are see

In a field the size of a football pitch we collect 700 million data points from the vehicle sensors. That's Big Data

We have 13 patent applications 'pending' ranging from vehicle designs to unique processes and assemblies

Our vehicles are designed to work on a range of crops whether in rows or beds and they alter their track width automatically

The bots have specialist support robots to keep them replenished with power and consumables, all autonomous, giving 365/24/7 operation

Our vehicles can operate individually or in a swarm with other robots completely autonomously

We can control weeds, specific fungal infections, pests like slugs, caterpillars and beetles, either chemically or by physical methods

Some of our vehicles can autonomously change their shape to fit certain crop situations of even go through doors