The Future Begins Today!

Innovation in AI and technology
driving the transformation
to sustainable food production

There are problems with the way we farm today...
  • 85% of farms in the UK are not sustainable without government support

  • We contaminate crops, soil and water courses with chemicals.

  • Labour shortages support larger machinery

  • Large machines are not precise

  • Heavy machines compact the soil

  • We release CO2 when we cultivate to alleviate compaction
    ...and so the cycle goes on

We have a better way!


Acorn bots & the Environment

This way we can feed the population, care for our environment​ and start to manage climate change

So how do we do it?

Our vehicles...

  • Are lightweight and don't compact soil

  • Reduce the need for cultivation

  • Are precise and treat at plant/leaf level

  • Allow a change to current farming practices

  • Release constraints on crop productivity

  • Gather 'Big Data'


Then we can start to understand our crops and improve how we ethically produce the food we eat.


Big Data

Today, a field the size of a football pitch might have a handful of data points…

We have 700 million!

Data at this level is a global first.

It will provide insights into what is constraining

crop productivity at plant level

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